IBA Group at CIO Mining Africa 2016

June 16, 2016 

From May 25 to May 26, IBA Group participated in the CIO Mining Africa summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. The CIO Mining Africa Summit is the only dedicated CIO event specifically targeted for the African mining industry.

The summit is conducted on a regular basis bringing together the industry’s leading CIOs and IT decision makers from across the African continent. The participants gather to discuss the latest challenges facing the industry today and to outline the opportunities ahead.

The following topics were on the agenda:

  • Reinventing IT to respond and adapt to the industry economic downturn demands on the IT function
  • Affordable mechanisms to procure IT in cash constrained environment. Perspectives of a CEO, CFO, and CIO
  • Unlocking IM value in an economic downturn. Challenges that mining CIOs face
  • Creating and sustaining industry leading position through effective IT governance
  • Implats cloud journey
  • Cyber security in mining: industry insights from latest Cyber Security Report
  • IT spending during a slump: increase, decrease or maintain?
  • Cyber security and espionage. Safeguarding operational concerns
  • Solutions for the Connected Mine of the Future
  • Positive impact on mining operation delivered by IoT. Challenges that we face with IoT enablement
  • Using geophysics and associated data to enhance integrity and ability to highlight relevant events in site, property, and regional information databases.
  • Using mobile technologies for managing equipment assets
  • CIO’s typical lifecycle approach to their landscape
  • Using information to increase efficiency and effectively contribute to sustainability in the mining industry. True value that IT is able to demonstrate
  • Bulk inventory management system: dynamics and benefits
  • How employee management system can reduce administration efforts, improve efficiency and facilitate access to information
  • Digital transformation in workforce management
  • How a CIO can win an IoT battle in Africa Mining
  • Building $2 billion+ mining and processing projects successfully: challenging times, IT as enabler of preparation and execution.

At the summit, IBA South Africa delivered a presentation on how to leverage mobile technologies for monitoring and maintaining company’s equipment assets using IBA Asset Walker, a new product developed by IBA Group. The product contains mobile client, which runs on Android device and the server part with web interface that can run both on–premise and on IBA Cloud.