IBA Presents New Product at CIO Mining Africa

October 15, 2015 

From November 11 to November 12, 2015, IBA Group participated in the CIO Mining Africa summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. The CIO Mining Africa Summit is the only dedicated CIO event for the African mining Industry. Conducted for the second time this year, the summit is aimed at improving the recognition of IT and its critical role in the mining sector. The participants in the event discussed the latest challenges that face the industry today and discovered new opportunities.

The summit brought together some of the industry’s leading CIOs and IT decision makers from across the African continent, including high profile attendees from Africa’s large–scale, medium–sized, and small mining companies, service providers, and Government departments.

The topics discussed during the events included:

  1. The road ahead for the mining CIO — what challenges and opportunities do we foresee?
  2. Applying technology innovations from other industries to mining
  3. Digital mining of the future
  4. Creating a fit for purpose IT strategy
  5. Geological and geophysical property information databases
  6. Big Data — isn’t it time we have different discussion about corporate data?
  7. Is the cloud completely relevant for the mining industry?
  8. Effective management of organizational HR capacity
  9. Internet of Things (IoT) — is it relevant in the African mining environment?
  10. Geological and geophysical property information databases
  11. The CIO as a transformational leader in the organization
  12. Long term / short term strategy planning and what are the challenges facing us?
  13. IoT adoption in mining
  14. Mining stepping into 4G era
  15. LTE/WiFi as enablers for mining efficiency
  16. Mining in the 21st century is about information management — not the physical product
  17. Finding the value DNA between the business & technology strategies to a sustainable future.

At the summit, IBA South Africa delivered a presentation on how to manage HR capacity efficiently using Talent ConstructorTM, a new product released by IBA Group.