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Project Overview

The Automatic Teller Application (ATA) is an automated teller workstation that performs different banking operations, including account opening and closure, and provision of account balance information. The application consists of host (COBOL) and PC (Java) parts. ATA has been in production since July, 2010.

The IBA Group’s task is to maintain the ATA, namely fix bugs and make changes in the code, if needed. Error information comes from the Quality Center application and MOM Service, an automatic system that gathers data on the faulty and abnormal system behavior. The error data are entered in the Quality Center manually by bank workers.


  • Java
  • Blue Core
  • Swing
  • Java COMM API
  • JDBC
  • Eclipse 3.5
  • z/OS
  • REXX
  • JCL

Project Results

To date, IBA Group fixed the errors that occurred more than 30,000 times per week. Most of them were data–related and therefore were not detected at the testing stage. IBA Group developed a special tool to analyze the errors that are generated automatically. Changes were made in the functionality of both the host and PC parts.


IBA Group allocated two programmer groups. The first deals with the host part, while the other with the PC part.

The PC team made a decision to write an application designed to speed up and simplify the processing of automatic alerts of the MOM Service. A MOM Alert parsing tool was developed to retrieve information on where and when an alert occurred, and its type and details. Using the information, it is possible to group alerts by criteria, and determine their severity and priority based on the number of occurrences. The data were entered in the Quality Center and the most urgent errors were fixed.

In addition, the PC team is involved in the development and bug fixing of new components.

The Host team began with onsite knowledge transfer because most of the code was not written by IBA Group. The team studied the application, work process, problem types, and tools and methods to solve problems. The Host team works on a mainframe platform using z/OS operating system, COBOL and JCL being the major languages. The team investigates and fixes different error types and serves as a part of the development team.

The PC and Host teams are interacting with each other because it is often needed to use both back and front ends to study and analyze an error. IBA Group conducts weekly meetings to discuss the current state and outstanding issues.

Project ManagerCustomer

Great job everyone! We are finally live!!! We would like to thank IBA for all you developed, your help and expertise. All IBA workers have been very eager to assist, extremely knowledgeable and very flexible, meeting our requests as they change. This has been such a positive experience for us and we truly value the relationship we have built with IBA thus far.