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Mobile Client for SAP EM

The IBA Group's solution Mobile Client for SAP Equipment Maintenance (EM) provides additional capabilities for the SAP EM module.

Developed for Android, the SAP EM mobile client provides remote management of requests for maintenance and repairs of equipment. Using securely encrypted asynchronous data transmission, the solution enables customers to synchronize their tablets and smartphones with a SAP EM system.

Mobile Client for SAP EM enables the user to perform the following operations.

  • Enter data in the SAP EM system remotely from the location where maintenance or repairs are required
  • Create a message online or offline, applying filters
  • Access the List of Messages, view messages downloaded from the SAP EM system, as well as created on the mobile device, and perform online search for messages, applying various filters
  • Identify GPS coordinates of the equipment that requires repairs using the built–in Geolocation module.

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Mobile Client for Enterprise Asset Management

The key feature of the solution is close integration with map services. Using a mobile client, end users identify their current location and the location of the incoming requests. Descriptive information, a list of required tasks, and a list of attached assets are provided for requests.

Additionally, a request can contain related graphic marks on a map. For example, an air conditioner goes out of order at a big plant. A map will show to the service personnel the entrance to the plant premises, the route through the plant territory, the required actions, and the air conditioner's location. It is possible to update the marks using a mobile client and the changes will be synchronically reflected in the basic system.

Using the application, one can also take a photo before and after the repair, and the application automatically links it to GPS coordinates. The head of the repair group can see on the mobile device the location of repair crews and make efficient decisions in case of emergency. The application also displays statistics and diagrams.

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IBA Cloud

The IBA Cloud solution provides step–by–step and easy migration from an existing physical to a new virtual infrastructure.

  • Virtualization of user workstations. Workstations of operators, cashiers, and accountants can be virtualized. A workstation in this case will be used only to connect the user to a virtual machine that resides in the cloud. The physical storage and data processing will be done on reliable cloud resources.
  • Efficient IT infrastructure management. With IBA Cloud, you always know who and how uses cloud resources because these resources can be allocated only to specified projects. If a tighter control is needed, virtual machines can be created only following an approval procedure.

IBA Cloud can manage IT infrastructure as a business asset, plan and keep resources for future projects, and employ additional facilities in peak loads. IBA Cloud manages infrastructure in line with ITIL concepts.

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Talent Constructor

Talent Constructorעל is designed for innovative mid–size and large–scale companies that have an array of different competencies and rely on employee development for their success in the evolving business environment.
Talent Constructorעל is an ERP system that combines a well–organized HR management with user–friendly personnel interaction tools.

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IBA Asset Walker

IBA Asset Walker is an information system designed for the automated monitoring and efficient management of enterprise assets using mobile devices. Assets are buildings, networks, equipment, equipment parts, facilities, inventory, transport vehicles, and other resources or items of economic value owned by an individual or a company.

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Resource and Asset Management System for IBA Technical Center

The IBA Technical Center provides warranty and post–warranty support for a wide range of computer hardware and banking equipment. Built on the IBM Maximo for Service Providers from IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure products, the Resource and Asset Management System for the IBA Technical Center is designed for efficient management of resources and optimization of the processes of technical support and maintenance. 

The system provides a unified database of the serviced equipment and a single point of access for the technical support personnel. 

Resource and Asset Management