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IBA South Africa provides a full cycle of software services, from consulting and design to development, testing, and support. IBA South Africa and IBA Group specialize in various technologies and platforms, including enterprise, mobile and web applications, SAP and other ERP systems, Cloud & Smarter infrastructure (IBM Tivoli), Business Analytics, Big Data, OpenText, IBM Notes&Domino, and mainframe software.

Software project lifecycle

Enterprise Applications
Enterprise applications currently make up the bulk of the IBA Group’s projects. IBA has massive experience in Java EE, .NET, and other enterprise technologies, its first Java project being implemented in 1996. We are able to design and implement solutions that meet different business needs. For large-scale and fixed-price projects IBA uses Rational Unified Process (RUP) project methodology, while for small and medium-sized projects we rather use the Agile approach.

Mobile Applications
Mobile technologies are a strong trend in enterprise solutions. IBA Group provides a full range of mobile services, from business case analysis, mobile architecture development and consulting, and mobile enterprise integration to enterprise mobile infrastructure rollout and application support. IBA Group develops B2E, B2B, and B2C applications on Apple iOS, Google Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone, as well as provides cross platform development.  

SAP Consulting and Implementation
SAP ERP is one of the most popular business systems used globally. With IBA Group and IBA South Africa, you can get the right SAP skills in the right place and at the right time. We have a history of working with SAP, spanning nearly 20 years. Being the SAP Services Partner and SAP Partner Center of Expertise, IBA is able to implement SAP projects of any complexity, from customization and configuration of SAP systems to SAP ERP, and full-cycle implementation and integration. In 2014, an IBA project implemented on SAP was selected the winner in the category ERP/Supply Chain Management Solution of the Year of the IT Europa's European IT & Software Excellence Awards. Recently, the IBA’s SAP portfolio was enhanced to include SAP Business Suite powered by HANA.   

Mainframe Software
Using IBA mainframe software services, you can tap into a large talent pool. IBA experts embarked on mainframe software development in the 1960s and are keen on improving their expertise. They are familiar with different technologies, old and new, and can migrate legacy systems to new platforms. IBM, the leading mainframe producer, has been working with IBA since 1993 and has named the company its Premier Business Partner.  

Business Analytics
IBA Group provides optimized Business Analytics solutions based on proven platforms from global leaders, including IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Teradata, Information Builders, SAS, and Tableau. The IBA’s solutions help clients gain insight from historical data and create reports and scorecards (Descriptive Analytics), model in real-time what might happen next (Predictive Analytics), choose possible paths, simulate what might happen if certain decisions are taken (Prescriptive Analytics), and support human decision-making with visual analytic information (Decisive Analytics).    

Big Data
The increased amount of data has provided more information that is hard to analyze. As a result, organizations are facing pressure to drive value from mining the information they have. To this end, IBA Group applies advanced technologies, including Hadoop, Oozie and Hbase to integrate disparate data sources and analyze exabytes of data.

Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure
IBA launched its first IBM Tivoli project in 1995. Presently, IBA Group is an IBM Tivoli Accredited Business Partner. Using IBM IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure (C&SI) products, IBA Group assists clients in designing, building, and managing the infrastructure that helps reduce costs, improve transparency and performance, and manage risks. All solutions are modular and scalable, so you can begin with one or two categories of a solution or even with an individual product and later expand the functionality step–by–step, adding more objects, resources and processes.

IBA Group builds up expertise in Microsoft technologies, providing business solutions and educational services to its clients. We assist our clients in organizing their businesses with the help of Microsoft SharePoint Server.
IBA Group has experienced professionals who help clients gain maximum value from SharePoint. The company began working on SharePoint with the 2007 version, later continued with SharePoint Server 2010, and is now working with SharePoint Server 2013. IBA Group knows how to increase ROI when using this technology.

IBA South Africa applies various delivery models and has consistent project management in place.

 IBA SA: Delivery Model

IBA South Africa supports its clients and is always there to assist them in addressing their IT needs and business challenges. As a result, our customers are able to focus on their core business issues. To learn how our customers benefit from IBA services, please see customer references on the IBA Group Clients pages. For more information, visit the Case Studies section of this website and review the examples of the projects that we have implemented.